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How it all began

KYNO Ltd is an investment company, created by its founders - Dr. Zakirin and his wife, Nida - after completing their training to become professional property investors. Both from medical backgrounds, helping others comes naturally, and now, they endeavour to help others reach their financial goals.


Investment strategy

We invest in property in the UK with a focus on deals that can be cash flow positive, not negative. Thereby, increasing your income and your return on investment. Currently, we target investment opportunities in the north of England. 


Why Us?

Our company was founded on our core values: respect, honesty and constant improvement. We strive towards the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and integrity. Through this company, we want to provide quality housing that meets the needs of the market and provide opportunities for us to contribute back to our community.

Our Founders


Founder and Managing Director

Dr. Zakirin (known as "Kirin") moved from Kuala Lumpur city in Malaysia to begin his medicine degree in Dublin, Ireland. He worked as a medical officer in various hospitals for a few years before moving to Perth, Australia. With an interest in geriatrics, Kirin wants to open his own aged care facility one day.


Co-founder and Director

Nida was born and raised in Perth, Australia. After completing her Bachelor of Pharmacy degree, she has practiced as a pharmacist in various hospitals, before settling at the children's hospital where she found a growing love for paediatrics. Once financially free, she wants to dedicate more time for charity work.

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